Sublimation Stuff

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is the chemical process in which a solid turns into a gas without going through the liquid state.

But what does sublimation printing mean? It is the method of printing on a paper specifically designed to solidify sublimation ink, and then transfer it, through TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE AND TIME, to surfaces with polyester (or with polyester pretreatment).

How does sublimation work?

1. Sublimation involves the use of a digital printer with sublimation inks to produce images on paper specifically designed for such effects.

2. The printed sublimation paper is placed against the fabric (or sublimation article) in a heat press, being exposed to: Temperature, pressure and time, so that the inks go from solid to gaseous state. Once in the gaseous state, the inks permeate the fibers of the fabric or article, transferring the image.

3. When heat is removed from the substrate and paper, ink that has permeated the fibers solidifies and permanently seals in place. When the heat was applied, not only was the ink vaporized, but the fibers of the fabric were opened to allow the passage of this, when removing the heat, the pores of the fabric were closed trapping the ink inside.

Sublimation is divided into two areas, the Large Format and the Small Format, depending on the largest item what you want to do.

Why is this important to define the size of my articles?

Sublimation does not allow ties or overlap, therefore, the print must be complete for the part that we want to carry out. Nor can you do the transfer in parts when it is only one item that we are going to print by means of sublimation.

What is small format sublimation?
When the printable area is less than 8.5 x 11 inches (Letter A4 size) or 11 x 17 inches (Letter A3 size) we are talking about small format sublimation.


Commemorative plaques, Trophies with photos, Medals.

Custom gifts:
Cell phone cases, Photo panel, Cupsglasses, bottles, etc. Keepsake boxes, Ornaments.

Furniture and decoration:
Pillows, sheets, Decoration for walls, Table tops, Curtains, Upholstery, Table runners.

Partial Garment Decoration:
T-shirts and sweaters, Dresses, Polo shirts, Socks, Hats, MaskBaby Bib

Interior signage:
Metal panels, Glass panels.

Promotional products:

Mouse Pad, Laptop sleeves, Handbags, Keychains, Miniature flags, Pennants.

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