Inkjet Luminous Dark Transfer Paper (50 Sheets)

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Inkjet Glow in the Dark Transfer Paper

Inkjet Luminous Dark Transfer Paper (50 Sheets)

Print ink: suggested pigment ink
Printing setting: plain paper, high-quality photos, no mirror image.
Temperature and time of heat press machine: 165°C / 329°F-15 S,
moderate pressure (different machine can be adjusted properly)

There are two methods to release pattern.

First: the printed pattern can be cut with scissors to remove unnecessary parts,
separate the backing paper and film by hand, the pattern is facing upward, and then transfer.

Second: output the image through the cutting plotter software, engrave with
the cutting plotter after printing, cover the positioning film, separate the backing paper and
the pattern, transfer the printing, after the heat press machine times up, tear the positioning
film warmly or coldly, repress 5S to complete the transfer.

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